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Exterior image of Escapod teradrop trailer in the mountains
Source: Escapod.US

Escapod Trailers – Overview and Philosophy

Escapod Trailers, llc consists of a small but mighty team of outdoor adventurers located in Wanship, Utah.

Born out of necessity, the first trailer from Escapod was built in a one-car garage. Cool, huh?

After many outdoor adventures together, Chris and Jen Hudak were searching for a teardrop trailer that they couldn’t find. In their own words, the only teardrops on the market were either “under built, over-priced” or both.

So, a few beers, some ideas sketched on a napkin, and a wish list of features gave birth to a base camp that was “ready-to-go”. And by go, we mean anywhere, completely unbound by terrain – free to roam.

In 2016, Chris and Jen were soon joined by fellow outdoor enthusiast, Christopher Eckel. (The two Chris’s first met in college.)

After spending a decade in the design world, Christopher brought his digital and design skills back to the Utah adventure firm.

And lastly, rounding out the group is Joshie Fishbein. Best described as the internet whiz kid, Joshie was brought in to handle all things digital.

Escapod team Jen Hudak, Chris Hudak, and Christopher Eckel standing next to trailer
Image from Escapod.Us

Side note about the team: Jen Hudak brings some serious chops. As a professional halfpipe skier, she earned two X-Games gold medals and two World Championship Titles.

And if that doesn’t get your attention she also made it to the finals in season 30 of the Amazing Race. Congratulations!

More than you wanted to know about the founding members of Escapod? Maybe so…if not, watch even more here.

We took a peak at the founding members’ background because, we think it’s important…and here’s why.

The reason they built their own teardrop and the Escapod Mission is clear:

  • Quality – rugged steel, hand-welded onsite in Utah, USA, attention to every detail
  • Accessibility – packed with a ton of standard features, but options so you don’t pay for what you don’t want or need
  • Modern Outlook – designed from experience with function in mind – not your Granddads teardrop trailer

These off-road trailers were built by travelers, adventurers, and explorers who set out to solve problems they met on the road.

What they did is create a vehicle that is thoughtful, well-designed, functional, durable, and offers a ton of value. Here are some other good examples: Timberleaf, Vintage Overland, Oregon Trail’R, Polydrops, and Off-Grid Trailers.

So what’s all the fuss about? See for yourself.


TOPO Series – Escapod

Overall Dimensions

  • Length 13 feet
  • Width 7 feet ( includes fenders)
  • Height 6 1/2 feet
  • Cabin Exterior 9 1/2 feet long x 5 feet wide x 4 feet tall
  • Sleeping mattress 80 x 56.5 x 5 inches
  • Clearance 18″ ground to frame
  • Dry weight 1600 lb. ->up to 1800 lb. with water tanks
Teardrop Topo Escapod with exterior dimensions

Materials and Construction


Built to last – the frame is hand-welded on location in Utah from 2 x 2 1/8 inch thick tube steel and powder coated for protection. And the fenders are made from 1 x 2 1/8 inch tube steel also welded to the frame, thoughtfully providing a sturdy step for roof rack access.


Each trailer comes with independent suspension torsion axle rated to 3500 lb. Built for off road, off grid adveture!

Here’s a cool option: you can match the tires to your own tow vehicle (for a small fee) or just take the standard offer pair of 17 inch Mickey Thompson wheels and Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner AT Tires (265/70/17).

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Cabin Construction

What we really like – this is a 4 season trailer! = Insulation

The foundation is a 2 x 4 wood frame with 1.5 inches of insulation, then wrapped in RV specific waterproof material bolted to the frame. But that’s just the base core level. The walls are constructed of exterior grade plywood which hides a stud wall offering another 3/4 inches of insulation. Smart. The finishing touch is an aluminum wrap, triple sealed with vinyl tape, trim and caulk.

Creature Comforts Inside

  • Baltic birch ply on the floor, walls, and ceiling
  • Built in cabinetry – three 12″ cabinets with locking doors, and three 6 inch cubbies
  • Leather trays for accessories
  • Recessed warm LED lighting
  • 2 USB chargers and 12V outlet mounted in the headboard
  • 3-speed Fan-Tastic Fan
  • Drop down shelf to stow a tablet or laptop
  • Bluetooth speaker

Galley Kitchen

  • 56 1/2 x 18 inch stainless steel countertop
  • 2 locking drawers 3″ and 6″ deep
  • Heavy duty drawer slide that holds the YETI 65L Tundra cooler (included)
  • Additional hidden storage
  • Adjustable table extension with cutting board
  • OPTIONAL Add on: propane tank and recessed 2-burner stove make the galley a fully functioning kitchenette

Our Favorite Features

  • Rhino Rack crossbars on the roof
  • Star gazer window – 9″ x 41″ window positioned for watching stars in baed
  • Two doors – come and go from either side without disturbing your partner for midnight potty breaks
  • 5″ memory foam mattress (just 3″ narrower than a full queen)
  • OPTIONAL Add on:  on-demand water heater/shower box mounted to the side of the trailer
  • OPTIONAL Add on: roof top tent and awnings
Side view of Escapod teardrop camper trailer

Standard Features w/ Additional Options and Prices

As we mentioned before, Escapod does a great job of allowing you to configure the set up that is right for you. You’ll see, there is a looooong list of standard features included in the $16,500 base price.

And you can add on individual amenities one at a time instead of choosing packages that include bundles of features you don’t need. Here is an abbreviated list of the possibilities:

Standard Features

Additional Options

Escapod offers a great tool to choose the options you want and calculate total price for your personal configuration


Exterior: Customize the Look

Escapod offers the TOPO Series in 7 unique color combinations – ranging from bold design, for those that want to stand out – to subtle, for those that want to blend in. And for those that truly want a custom, one-of-a-kind trailer, you have the option to color match the trailer to your tow vehicle (or anything you can imagine) and add custom graphics.

Here are the standard (not really), truly beautiful choices.

Rentals: Experience the Escapod Teardrop Trailer Before You Buy

The TOPO Series teardrop trailer is available to rent in two locations.

For $125 per night you can experience a fully outfitted (with bedding and cookware) trailer, tow it yourself, and test it on your own adventure.

Rent directly from the fleet of Escapods at shop headquarters in Wanship, Utah – a mere 15 minutes east of Park City and 45 minutes from the Salt Lake International Airport.

Try before you buy – if you end up falling in love (and you will) up to 3 nights rental will go towards purchase price.

Another option is to let Red Rock Base Camp do all the heavy lifting. Located in Moab, Utah, they can provide a tow vehicle, Escapod teardrop trailer, and campsite of your choosing. So sit back and get ready to explore.


  • Lightweight –  1600 lb. dry weight, easy to tow
  • Sturdy steel construction for off-road adventure
  • Roof top tent and awnings
  • Large 9″ x 41″ star gazing window
  • 2 doors – easy access, no climbing over your partner
  • Insulated – 4 season trailer for year round treks
  • Choose your own se up with no wasted expense
  • Optional hot water/shower and 2 burner stove
  • 7 Great color combos or make your own design
  • Easily disconnects and locks to leave behind at camp


  • Long wait – could be up to a year (but built for you)
  • No built in sink (trade off for extra counter space)
  • Hose to wash basin can slip to the ground 
  • Limited pantry space (what do you expect?)


How long does it take to receive an Escapod trailer after it is ordered?

Currently the team at Escapod can produce and deliver 3 trailers per month. Lead time is currently 1 year so get your order in soon.

What vehicle do I need to tow an Escapod teardrop trailer?

Escapods campers are built to be lightweight. The dry weight is only 1600 lb. and up to 1850 with tanks full. They can be towed by many different sized vehicles including small SUVs but it is always best to check your vehicles load limits.

Are Escapods good for all weather?

Yes! All of Escapod’s teardrop trailers are insulated to keep you warm in in the winter. The added insulation also helps keep the trailers cool in the summer heat and they are designed with two doors, and a fan for cross ventilation. For even more comfort, a heater and a/c are available as add on options.

Where are Escapod teardrop trailers made?

Escapod Trailers, LLC is located in Wanship, Utah, USA. The trailers are hand-welded and fabricated on site in Wanship, Utah.

Escapod – Born in Utah, Bred for Adventure

The End

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