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Polydrops, Inc. – Space Trailer

As you can see, this adventure teardrop trailer is unique. The folks at Polydrop have introduced a new shape and created a fresh look with their affordable small trailer.

There is a movement afoot in small campers. More and more, we see individuals designing their own vision and building it themselves. (Two similar examples are Escapod and Vintage Overland.)

The story here is similar, but the results are quite different. Polydrops Inc. was founded when architect Kyung-Hyun (K) Lew grew frustrated designing for others.

He decided it was time to design his own space and build his own dream. And the first Polydrop was born.

Using a basic utility trailer as a base, Lew built a “polyganized” shape out of wood. It was a cozy capsule suitable for two.

What happened next laid the foundation for the future of Polydrop Trailers. K Lew and his now wife/partner, Jieun Cha, spent a year traveling the country in the very first prototype.

This allowed them to identify and perfect some of the design features. Most notably, insulation and safety.

After nearly freezing on the road, they determined the capsule needed some beefier insulation. It now has 8+ inches of expandable foam.

They also refined the suspension and braking by adding Timbren independent suspension and a hydraulic brake system. Now, any car can tow the teardrop with total control and safety. (Hitch weight is only 80 lb.)

So that’s the back story, let’s get to the review

Polydrop Trailer Review

Exterior Polydrop Trailer at the beach

The name itself tells you what is different. We haven’t seen a shape like this – and that makes it special.

Designed to be modern and unique, the Polydrop is also a cozy escape from daily life. Smaller than some teardrops, there is limited storage and kitchen functionality.

Nonetheless, think of it as a cocoon on wheels. We’d like to see more of this clever offering on the road.

Trailer Specs

  • Length 12′ 5″ (including tongue)
  • Width 5′ 6″
  • Height 5″ 4″
  • Weight 760 lb.
  • Tongue weight 80 lb.
  • Cabin length 75″
  • Cabin width 48″
  • Cabin height 43″
  • Base price $12,995
Overhead view and profile image spec sheet showing dimensions

Creature Comforts

  • Sleeps 2 with a 48″ x 75″, 5.5″ thick mattress
  • 3 Storage cubbies
  • Heater and Roof ventilation (translucent fan)
  • 2 USB outlets
  • Hidden LED lighting
  • Kitchenette with 2 drawers
  • Bright pine wood interior with ambient light
  • Leather padded headboard and control panel

Inside Gallery

Outside Features

  • 4′ x 8′ Aluminum lightweight frame
  • Glo-Light tail lights
  • 100 Watt flex-type solar panel and 12-Volt battery
  • Gull Wing Doors (pretty cool)
  • 13 inch wheels
  • 1/32″ Aluminum skin

Exterior Gallery

Additional Options

Complete upgrade package available for $2,500

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  • Compact ultra lightweight
  • All weather with 8″ thick insulation + heater
  • Easy to tow and maneuver (80 Hitch weight)
  • Unique, stylish angular design
  • Bright, cozy birch interior
  • Double gull wing doors – easy access


  • Limited Production (only 20 in 2019)
  • Small galley – minimal pantry space
  • No cooler storage

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How much does a Polydrop Trailer cost?

In 2019, a Limited Edition of 20 Polydrop trailers were available for $9,000. As full production ramps up, new orders have a base price of $12,995. You can place a deposit of $6,000 here to start your order. All trailers are made to order so lead times can vary. (There is also an upgrade package available for $2,500.)

How much does a teardrop trailer weigh?

Teardrop campers come in many shapes and sizes. The Polydrop trailer is an ultra lightweight design. Dry weight is 760 lb. with a Hitch weight of only 80 lb. The trailer comes standard with a Timbren suspension and hydraulic brake, making it easy to tow by any vehicle.

What do I need to tow a Polydrop trailer?

The Polydrop is a lightweight teardrop. All you need to tow it is a tow hitch on your car, 1-7/8 ball receiver, and a 4-way flat connector.

Where are Polydrop trailers made?

Polydrops, Inc. is located in Alhambra, Ca. You can contact them directly at info@polydrops.com

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