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Vintage Overland Teardrop trailer towed by a land rover
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Hand Made Caravans

Vintage Overland is a small family operation located in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Born out of necessity, they share a kinship (whether they know it or not) with Escapod Trailers from Utah. Both company’s founders wanted a unique teardrop trailer and set out to build it themselves.

Britton Purser is a wanderer with a design background and master skills in carpentry and restoration.

One day in the studio, when he scribbled a teardrop shape on plywood, his wanderlust, experience, and passion, came together and the first Overland camper took shape.

Now, with the help of brothers Cody and Cullen, and wife Ami, they are busy making limited production, (definitely not mass produced) hand crafted, Danish inspired caravans.

Britton Purser, Ami Purser and Cullen Purser

And the results are just right. Heirloom quality vintage style teardrop trailers and nothing more.

Well-designed and built by master craftsman, these off road campers are filled with the romance of days gone by. According to Bloomberg, “The point of owning a Vintage Overland camper is not to go somewhere, it’s to go nowhere.”

Hear it from the founders in their own words.

We couldn’t agree more.

Simple, functional, affordable, and oozing with a charismatic style. Everything you need to get out, get lost and go nowhere.

So let’s see what they have to offer

3 Models to Choose From

VO logo
tuco, great escape, and T.E. Lawrence trailers

All of VO’s campers are light enough to be towed by almost any vehicle. But each offers a unique personality which you will quickly see.

From smallest to largest, they are:

  • The Tuco $12,500
  • Great Escape $15,000
  • T.E. Lawrence $16,500
Vintage Overland camper with awning  campsite

The Tuco

The Tuco takes its name from the Eli Wallach character in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know…

  • Cabin is 4′ x 8′
  • Total length is 12′ including tongue
  • Height 6′
  • Weight 600 lb.
  • Sleeps 2

It’s a compact, tough, workhorse, designed to be utilitarian. Add racks on top and it transforms into a mighty gear hauler by day, comfortable camper off the grid by night.

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Great Escape

Same size specs (slightly heavier) as The Tuco:

  • Cabin 4′ x 8′
  • Total Length is 12′ including tongue
  • Height 6′
  • Weight 750 lb.
  • Sleeps 2

additional back hatch opens to reveal a kitchenette, prep station, or storage space.

  • Rear hatch Height 20″ x Width 58″ x Depth 28″
  • Bug Screen

T.E. Lawrence

The designers pull great inspiration in all of their efforts from T.E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia. And here is the namesake edition.

This is the largest Overlander offered and has more features, but still nimble enough to be handled by one adventurer.

  • Cabin is 5′ x 8′
  • Total length 12′ including the tongue
  • Height 6′
  • Weight 900 lb.
  • Rear hatch Height 20″ x width 58″ x Depth 28″
  • Queen size memory mattress
  • bug screen
  • Extra LED lighting
  • Added storage boot

Standard Features (on all Overlanders)

All models include the following:

  • Hand built oversized door
  • Baltic birch hardwood interior
  • UV Aluminum Exterior
  • Solar Panel
  • Goal Zero Generator
  • Torsion Axel
  • Powder coated frame and fenders
  • Vintage style tail lights
  • Exterior utility light
  • Rear receiver hitch
  • Baby moon hubcaps
  • LED Lights (inside and out)
  • Vent and fan
  • Tinted window with screen
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Diamond plate reinforcement
  • Graphics Package (stripes and logo)
  • Hand made from U.S. sourced materials
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Additional Options Available

  • Military inspired spare tire and mount $550
  • Rack mount system $600
  • Second door $300
  • Welded Tubular steel front basket $500
  • Custom Graphics $600
  • Road Shower $299
  • Awning $350


The Future

Britton and Ami are looking to expand the brand.

More teardrops, including a smaller version that can be pulled by bicycle is in the works.

They are also curating camping kits to expand beyond building caravans. Some products to look for are: waxed cotton canvas tents, awnings and camp chairs, wool blankets, boots, and more.

We can’t wait to see what VO does next and we will add updates here.


  • Hand made by master craftsman
  • Heirloom quality throughout
  • Vintage details i.e. tail lights and army wheels
  • Furniture grade cutouts inside create space
  • Lightweight and nimble easy to handle
  • Custom graphics for personalization


  • Limited options
  • Only sleeps 2

Learn More

Makers and builders like those at Vintage Overland with a sense of adventure use their skills to design the camper of their dreams. Here are some other good examples: Escapod, Timberleaf, Oregon Trail’R, Polydrops, and Off-Grid Trailers.


Where are Vintage Overland trailers made?

Vintage Overland is located in Grand Junction, Colorado. All materials are sourced from the U.S. and the caravans are hand crafted on site in Colorado.

How long does it take to get a Vintage Overland camper?

All of Vintage Overland trailers are made by hand. The process after design choices are made takes approximately six weeks for each trailer to be completed. The nature of the process and attention to detail prevents them from being mass produced.

How much does a Vintage Overland trailer cost?

There are currently three trailer styles offered by Vintage Overland. The Tuco is the most basic starting at $12,500. Slightly larger with a rear hatch is the Great Escape, with a base price of $15,000. And finally, the largest teardrop offered is the T.E. Lawrence which has a 5′ x 8′ cabin and starts at $16,500.


Paper caravan model of vintage overland trailer
I made my very own off road camper and you can too

Make your own hand-crafted Vintage Overland caravan. Download the paper cutouts and follow the instructions here:

The End

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