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Off Road Hiker Trailer camper on the rocks

Hiker Trailer Makes the Most Affordable Teardrop Campers

Campers are quickly discovering the advantages of small trailers, and demand is surging.

To meet demand, many small start ups now design, build, and sell made-to-order trailers. Some of our favorites are Off-Grid Trailers, Timberleaf, Vintage Overland, Vistabule, Taxa, and Escapod, and there are many more.

Most of these companies offer a reasonable base model, but with add-ons the price point soars to $20,000, if not higher. (The trailer can easily cost more than the tow vehicle.)

Hiker Trailer is different. Their base prices are lower. They offer teardrop trailers that start at a wallet friendly base price of $2,895. (Yes, you will add many options, and the final price will be higher, but these trailers offer great value.)

A fully loaded off-road model can be designed and built for just under $13,000.

The Hiker Trailer Backstory

In 2014, Robert Reeve and Wes Henry founded Hiker Trailer.

Previously, they were each manufacturing more traditional teardrops in Indiana. Often, they would order materials together to get lower prices.

Through the experience, they learned what adventurers wanted and discovered if they pooled resources they could make a high quality teardrop and offer it at a lower price point than the competition.

The first design was offered on Craigslist and sold within 10 minutes of posting. Ten more sales followed in the first 5 days. 600 trailers later, the rest is history.

Today, Hiker Trailer, manufactures both in Denver, CO and Indianapolis,IN.

By ordering raw materials in bulk – they are able to keep their costs low. (They do this by implementing their shared cost model – Hiker Trailer provides supplies to 6 other trailer manufacturers.)

Their biggest challenge now is keeping up with demand.

So let’s check out the trailers…

Hiker Trailer Base Styles

As we mentioned, the base models are very simple, functional, and…basic.

They are lightweight, and easy to tow. As far as looks go, they are a bit more boxy than the classic teardrop shape.

Standard default color is white, exterior is aluminum and there are 4 styles to choose from ranging in cabin sizes of 4 x 8, 5 x 8, 5 x 9, or 5 x 10 feet.

Highway Basic Model

White highway basic model trailer

The most basic Hiker is available in four sizes

4 x 8 Feet | Base Price $2,895.00
5 x 8 Feet | Base Price $3,895.00
5 x 9 Feet | Base Price $4,895.00
5 x 10 Feet | Base Price $5,895.00

Standard Package/Specs

  • Black Powder Coated Frame
  • Steel 14″ Wheels
  • 205 Tires
  • 2000 lb Axle
  • One Front Shelf
  • Two Rear Shelves
  • DOT Trailer Lights
  • Safety Chains
  • 4-pin Wire Harness
  • One Curb Side Door w/Lock
  • Two Operable Windows w/Screens
  • Manual Roof Vent
  • All aluminum exterior
  • Aluminum Fenders
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • White Trailer
  • One 110 V Power Strip
  • One Exterior 110 V Plug

Fully customizable. ( Short cut to view optional add-ons for all models.)

Highway Deluxe Model

Mid-range deluxe model hiker trailer in desert

The Deluxe Model is also available in four sizes

4 x 8 Feet | Base Price $3,795.00
5 x 8 Feet | Base Price $4,795.00
5 x 9 Feet | Base Price $5,795.00
5 x 10 Feet | Base Price $6,795.00

Standard Package/Specs

  • Black Frame
  • 14″ aluminum wheels
  • 205 trailer tire
  • 2000 lb axle
  • Rear cabinets w/ face
  • One front cabinet w/ face
  • Galley pass-through door
  • DOT approved towing lights
  • Safety chains
  • 4 Pin wiring connection
  • Single curbside door
  • Two side windows
  • Small rear galley door
  • Aluminum round fenders
  • Manual roof vent
  • All aluminum exterior
  • Vinyl flooring
  • 1 – 110 Volt power strip
  • 1 Exterior 110 Volt plug
  • White Trailer

The major differences from basic to deluxe are highlighted above. Deluxe has aluminum wheels, cabinets, pass-through from cabin to galley, and a small rear galley door.

Mid-Range Deluxe

Hiker Trailer Mid-range deluxe model

Mid-Range is available in only 3 sizes

5 x 8 Feet | Base Price $6,395.00
5 x 9 Feet | Base Price $7,395.00
5 x 10 Feet | Base Price $8,395.00

Standard Package/ Specs

  • Black Frame
  • 15″ aluminum wheels
  • 29″ Radial tire
  • 3500 lb axle (Derated)
  • 5 on 4.5 Lug pattern
  • Rear cabinets w/ face
  • One front cabinet w/ face
  • Galley pass-through door
  • Safety chains
  • 7 Pin wiring connection
  • Single curbside door
  • Two side windows
  • Large rear galley door
  • 2” Receiver rear hitch
  • Manual Roof vent
  • Black Steel diamond fenders
  • All aluminum exterior
  • White Trailer
  • Vinyl flooring
  • 1 – 110 Volt power strip
  • 1 Exterior 110 Volt plug
  • Rear stabilizer jacks
  • Surface Mount LED Trailer lights DOT approved
  • More customizing options

The Mid-range style is only available in the 5 foot width. It is a good option for light off-road travel with a heavier trailer axle and tongue, and stabilizer jacks.

This model also sports larger wheels and tires with diamond fenders. Notice the tail lights are flush mounted on the back. In addition, the rear galley door is larger and includes a pass through to the cabin.

Extreme Off Road Deluxe

Jeep towing an off road deluxe model hiker trailer

As the name implies, this one is built for rough terrain. With even bigger tires, beefier suspension, drop down stabilizing jacks, and more this base package packs the most value – if you take the road less traveled.

Available in 3 Sizes

4 x 8 Feet | Base Price $7,995.00
5 x 8 Feet | Base Price $8,995.00
5 x 9 Feet | Base Price $9,995.00

Standard Package/ Specs

  • Black Frame
  • 17” steel Black Wheels
  • 33” Tires
  • 3500 lb Axle
  • 2 Rear Dropdown Legs
  • Front Jacks
  • Black Front Storage Box
  • 2×3 Steel Off Road Frame
  • Long soft Ride Leaf Springs w/ Shocks
  • Surface Mount LED Trailer lights
  • 2 Rear Shackle mounts
  • Integrated front storage rack
  • 7 Pin wiring connection
  • Safety Chains
  • Single Curb Side Door
  • Large Rear side opening galley door
  • 2” Receiver rear hitch
  • Two Windows
  • Manual roof vent
  • All aluminum exterior
  • White Trailer
  • 1 – 110 Volt power strip
  • 1 Exterior 110 Volt plug
  • 5 on 5 lug pattern – Other limited patterns available
  • More customizing options


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Trailer Weight

We’d like to give precise weights for each model, but they vary quite a bit depending on design.

For a reference point, the 5×8 Mid-range model weighs 780 pounds before additional options and gear. In comparison, the largest trailer fully loaded could weigh as much as 1300 lbs.

Any configuration possible can be safely towed by most cars and SUVs.

Design and Build Process

Since the base trailers are just a foundation, choosing your add-ons can be intimidating at first.

Fortunately, the Build a Hiker page does a good job of leading you through the process. And, If you have questions, the team is experienced, knowledgable, and ready to make suggestions.

For an idea of what options are available – a la carte choices are made in the following categories.

Optional Upgrade Categories

  • Trailer style (Basic, Deluxe, Mid-range, or Extreme)
  • Door color
  • Exterior color (including custom)
  • Diamond plate and trim
  • Doors and windows (how many and where)
  • Cabinet package
  • Racks, fenders, and awnings
  • Wheels, tires, jacks, axle and brakes
  • Tool box
  • Propane tank, hitches, and mounts
  • Heat, air, and electrical

Click on any image below for examples.

Trailer Door and wall color options
Hiker Trailer Diamond plate and trim options
Door options on trailer
Cabinet package options
Racks, fenders, and awnings
Tires, jacks, and brakes
Tool box option
Heat, air, and electrical
propane, hitches, and mounts

Check out this 5×9 Mid-range walk around for examples of optional upgrades.

Try Before you Buy – How to Rent a Hiker Trailer

You can now rent Hiker Trailers in Colorado, Indiana, and Nevada. This is a great way to experience to campers on the road. It also helps make final decisions when designing your own trailer.

Interior Gallery

Exterior Gallery


  • Low base price -> great value
  • Fully customizable – plenty of options
  • Lightweight and easy to tow
  • Clever leveling jacks that stow away
  • Off grid model
  • Pass through from cabin to rear galley
  • Pass through at bed level fall tall sleepers
  • Two locations make delivery easier (Co and IN)


  • Could be long lead time
  • Rear galley lacks full kitchen build out


How much does a teardrop trailer cost?

There are many options when it comes to teardrop style trailers. They can range from DIY projects to $50,000 and beyond. Most finished trailers are $10,000-$20,000. Hiker Trailer is making custom made to order teardrop campers that start at a base price of just $2,895. You can design and build a fully outfitted off-road model for less than $13,000.

Where is Hiker Trailer located?

Hiker Trailer makes small, affordable, lightweight campers. The company was founded in 2014 and manufacturers in Denver, CO and Indianapolis, IN.

How much does a Hiker Trailer weigh?

Hiker Trailer makes several different styles of camper. Their models include the Highway Basic, Highway Deluxe, Mid-Range Deluxe, and Extreme Off-Road Deluxe. The base models are available in sizes of 4×8, 5×8, 5×9, to 5×10 feet. To give you an example, a 5×8 model (before add-ons) weighs 780 ponds and can be towed by most cars and SUVs. After optional upgrades it may weigh as much as 1300 lbs.

Can I rent a Hiker Trailer?

Yes, you can rent Hiker Trailer campers in Colorado, Indiana, and Nevada. You can easily check the calendar on line to see what models and dates are available. Liability and comprehensive insurance are required prior to pick up. You can purchase coverage through Hiker if necessary.

Bonus: Fully Loaded Extreme Off Road

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