Oregon Trail’R Teardrop Trailers | Frontear, Terradrop, and Do-Drop Review

Teardrop trailer by oregon trail'r by the ocean
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Oregon Trailer, LLC | From the Beginning

Oregon Trail’R has been been making rugged teardrop trailers including FronTear, Terradrop, and Do-Drop for quite some time. But it was a slow start.

In 2007, brothers Jon and Sawyer Christianson, each built a teardrop trailer. Sawyer relied too much on wood, and Jon admits, his was too heavy on metal.

But, they realized, by combining their backgrounds and skills they could build the perfect teardrop camper together.

Growing up in Southern Oregon, the Christianson brothers have always been tinkerers. It runs in the family. Not every 3 year old has their own workbench and power tools. But that’s how they roll.


Both avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts, Jon and Sawyer set out to “have more fun in life” by building teardrops for other adventurers.

The first prototype took 2 years. That’s because they believe “more work up front” pays off in the end. So they methodically designed, tested, and consulted with other experts until all the systems were perfected.

They’ve been letting others enjoy their great work since 2011.

So let’s see for ourselves

3 Base Models + Alpha (Beast Mode)

Oregon Trail’R offers teardrop trailers in 3 different styles. All of their campers are hand made to order so they are highly customizable and no two are alike. As you will see later, there is a long list of options that can be added a la carte.

  • FRONTEAR – lightweight classic teardrop style trailer – base price $14,000
  • TERRADROP – tough off road teardrop camper – base price $16,000
  • DO-DROP – very small sporty off road/trail camper – base price $6,140

Lead time depends on the build que – average wait is 6-7 months.

The Terradrop and Do-Drop models are also available in Alpha version. Alpha models are armored in a super durable, heavy duty waterproof coating. They look rugged and tough, and they are…ready for any adventure. (Take a look now, if you can’t wait.)

Oregon Trail'R logo in green and white
Oregon teardrop trailer: Frontear  Trailer exterior by river
Oregon Trail’R

FronTear – The Classic Teardrop Trailer

The flagship offering from Oregon Trail’R is the FronTear. It has the traditional teardrop shape but mixes classic styles with modern comforts. Lightweight, easy to tow, and most features are personal choices, so you don’t pay for options you don’t need or want.

Jon and Sawyer design and build trailers for their own adventures, which means (even though they look great) function is the focus.

One example, there is no slide out cooler. As Jon explains, when a cooler slides out, the space it came from becomes wasted. They prefer to use the space a different way. From personal experience, Jon also knows many campers prefer to keep the cooler in the tow vehicle, because it is more accessible and easier to fill at the grocery store.

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General Specs

  • Weight – 1100 lb. (can be up to 1400 fully equipped)
  • Tongue Weight – ~120-180 lb.
  • Length – body 8 ft, overall length 12′ 2″
  • Width – body 5 ft, overall width 6′ 6″
  • Height – body 4 ft, overall height 5′ 6″
  • Chassis – square tube steel powder coated with black texture
  • Sleeps – 2 inside (optional roof-top tent)
  • Base Price $14,000


Our Favorite Features

  • two doors for easy access
  • skylight for star gazing
  • side mount shelves for extra counter space in the gallley
  • stainless counter and sink
  • speakers in cabin and galley
  • 2 burner stove flips down (saves counter space)
  • lighting inside and out, led bars and color changing ambience (party mode)

Below we will cover the full list of options that can be added to the base models.

Oregon Trail'R logo in green and white
Terradrop off road trailer at campsite with tent on top

Terradrop – Off Road Heavy Duty Teardrop Camper

The Terradrop is more rugged and built for adventure. It has the same exterior footprint as the FronTear, but inside offers more headroom, storage, and overall space inside.

General Specs

  • Weight – 1200 lb. (can be up to 1500 fully equipped)
  • Tongue Weight – ~120-180 lb.
  • Length – body 8 ft, overall length 12′ 2″
  • Width – body 5ft, overall width 6′ 6″
  • Height – body 4 ft, overall height 5′ 6″
  • Chassis – square tube steel powder coated with black texture
  • Sleeps – 2 inside (optional roof top tent)
  • Base Price $16,000


The Terradrop can be configured to go anywhere. If you are looking for a teardrop that can handle all kinds of terrain, overland outings and off the grid excursions this is a good option. For even more protection you can opt for the Alpha package.

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Teardrop Options

FronTear and Terradrop can be configured with any of the options below: Warning – it’s a long list

  • Custom cabinetry – European hinges and drawer slides
  • Custom key-hooks
  • Back up lights controlled from the tow vehicle
  • Battery sled for easy access and maintenance
  • Folding cup holders
  • Curtains with moisture resistant barrier
  • Custom doors – larger and more stylish
  • Digital audio amp upgrade
  • FanTastic Fan 3-peed and reversible
  • Rain sensor on fan to automatically close
  • Custom reading lights
  • Full body powder coat (added durability)
  • Rear accessory receiver hitch – for bicycles, cargo, etc.
  • Dimmable LED refractor strip (dome lighting)
  • Aluminum and stainless roof rack system
  • Stainless steel counter top
  • Custom galley cabinetry upgrade
  • Tongue box for storage seamless aluminum (won’t leak)
  • Tongue rack – store firewood, generator, cooler, etc.
  • RGB dome light – remote control dimmable, changes color
  • Gutter lights – recessed LED accent lighting in galley
  • Solar connectivity – Includes weather proof connector, wiring, and built-in solar controller
  • Custom ultra-heavy-duty rack system
  • 20″ Wheel SUPER upgrade (standard alloy wheels are15″)
  • Road shower – pressurized solar water heater system mounts to roof rack
  • HDTV / DVD option
  • Halo-Dome warm white LED dome light
  • Leveling/stabilizer jacks – 24″ jacks to raise and level trailer on any terrain
  • Hypoallergenic bamboo foam mattress upgrade
  • Water system includes deep-well stainless sink, marine grade chrome faucet, 11 gallon water tank, demand-pump, strainer/filter, and tank vent
  • Propane system option – includes 11 lb. propane tank, 2 stage regulator, 2 burner stove, and heat shields
  • Panic Siren switched from inside
  • Porch lights – w/inside switch
  • Rhino Rack – Rail mount rack system
  • Audio system – single DIN audio decks and 4″x 6″ coaxial speakers
  • Galley speakers and volume control
  • Star-gazer window
  • Rock guard
  • Pull-out shelves in cabin
  • Triple power plate: 12V outlet, 5V USB outlets, volt meter
  • Spare Tire – (doughnut spare – mounted under body)
  • 155 AH EXTREME AGM battery upgrade option
  • 120V and 12V weather proof exterior power outlets
  • Side table – double-gusset system (no legs)
  • 5V USB Plug Option for Galley
  • Off road suspension packageTimbren’s axle less system

Now let’s look at the smallest camper Oregon Trail’R has to offer.

Oregon Trail'R logo in green and white
Do-Drop by Oregon Trail'r in the woods

Do-Drop | Ultra-Small Teardrop Trailer

The Do-drop is a small, lightweight caravan designed to be towed by anything. In the Alpha version, it is the most off-road capable vehicle offered by Oregon Trail’R.

Designed with a smaller footprint, it is ideal for towing behind side-by-side utility vehicles like Arctic Cats or Yamaha Rhinos. It really only sleeps one but is perfect for sportsmen, fisherman, and adventure seekers where narrow roads and trails are inaccessible for larger vehicles.

General Specs

  • Weight – 550 lb. (can go up to 700)
  • Tongue Weight – 55-70 lb.
  • Length – body 7 ft, overall length 10′
  • Width – body 4 ft, overall width 5′ 6″
  • Height – body 3.5 ft, overall height 5′
  • Chassis – square tube steel powder coated with black texture
  • Sleeps – 1 (or a cozy 2)
  • Base Price – $6,150


Alpha Package

Both the Terradrop and Do-Drop platforms are available in Alpha mode. That just sounds cool, but what is it?

The Alpha package is a full-body coat of armor. The black coating is seamless which makes these machines impervious to water, wear and tear, damage, bows and arrows, etc. (you get the idea)

In addition to the special coating the chassis is laser cut and reinforced, rugged steps are added, and several other modifications including beefier suspension all make these as rugged as any teardrop out there. (aka, beast on wheels)

And for a better glimpse of the Alpha style check this out:



  • Classic teardrop style
  • Built by avid outdoor adventurers
  • Tons of possible configurations
  • A la carte pricing (pay for what you want)
  • Alpha package – bad ass and durable
  • Do-Drop is great for single adventurers
  • Fully articulating suspension (option)


  • 6-7 month lead time with no guaranteed time
  • Cabin storage over legs (tight quarters) 
  • No cooler/fridge (for good reason)

Learn More

Makers and builders with a sense of adventure use their skills to design the camper of their dreams. Here are some other good examples: Escapod, Timberleaf, Vintage Overland, Polydrops, and Off-Grid Trailers.

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How much does a teardrop trailer cost?

Teardrop trailers come in all shapes and sizes with tons of different options. Overland Trail’R makes hand made teardrop campers to order in three different models. Their classic teardrop, the FronTear, has a base price of $14,000. The more rugged, Terradrop model, is intended for off road use and starts at $16,000. They also offer a small teardrop trailer called the Do-Drop starting at $6,150.

Does Oregon Trail’R make teardrops campers to order?

Yes, Oregon Trail’R makes hand made campers to order. They have three different base designs and the buyer chooses options according to budget and need. Their trailers range from classic teardrop to rugged off the grid adventure vehicles. All of their campers are lightweight and easy to tow.

How much do teardrop trailers weigh?

Teardrop trailers come in all shapes and sizes. (Here are some good examples.) One of the reasons they are so popular is because, in general, they are lightweight and easy to tow. Trailers made by Oregon Trail’R range in weight from 550 lb. to 1500 lb. and can easily be towed by most cars and SUVs.

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