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Taxa Outdoors Cricket trailer

Taxa Outdoors – Overview and Philosophy

Taxa Outdoors is changing the RV, camping, and mobile outdoor industries…in a great way.

For too long, RV design has been about comfort and convenience, and quite frankly, excess. The emphasis has been on replicating all the creature comforts of home, on the road.

More and more, the goal was to build a mobile cocoon that satisfied every modern need. Mission accomplished – the results are astounding. To be honest, some of today’s campers are so comfortable and luxurious, they dare us to stay inside – maybe just to check out what’s on the flatscreen TV.

But it’s easy to take the excesses for granted. And we wonder, doesn’t this miss the point of getting out on the road in the first place? Clearly, Taxa Outdoors, thinks so.

Taxa’s approach is different. They value outdoor experience and design vehicles with exploration in mind. In the words of Garrett Finney, (Taxa founder) we build “adventure equipment you can sleep in.”

Instead of designing the perfect house that moves, Taxa thinks about “space and how it is used in very human terms.” By building full scale mock-ups out of cardboard and 2x4s, they observe and consider real life situations, like cooking, and sleeping, muddy dogs, stargazing, lovemaking, etc. You know, real stuff that we all do.

Mock up model of the cricket trailer made out of cardboard with ink diagrams
Image from Taxa Outdoors

But don’t be fooled, if you thought a focus on function would result in a compromise in form, think again. We love the look of these bad boys and think you will too.

The approach at Taxa Outdoors is fresh, thoughtful, and long overdo. So, get ready to change the way you think about outdoor adventure.

Space and Habitat

So where does this fresh mindset come from?

Garrett Finney founded Taxa Outdoors and it is his background and sensibilities that influence this new design approach. After earning an MA in architecture from Yale University, Finney worked as a senior architect for the Habitability Design Center for NASA.

What does that mean?

It means Mr. Finney spent nearly a decade designing interiors for the International Space Station as well as lunar habitats. That’s where “complicated interacting systems and people in small spaces” need to be very well thought out and integrated.

At the same time, Garrett was looking for a way to explore the outdoors with his small kids. So, expertise met motivation, and the seeds were planted for the first Cricket Trailer.

From there, the overall philosophy took shape and now you will see, the Taxa message is clear.

“Out is in. To us, everything that isn’t inside is outer space. We build mobile human habitats for adventuring.”

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Everything about Taxa feels right.

Located in Houston, Texas, their stated goal is to “create products that encourage more people to get outside while being safe and comfortable.” Proudly employing neighbors and manufacturing all their products in Houston, they design and build with a purpose.

So let’s check out what Taxa Outdoors has to offer.

4 Models for Various Adventures

Image of Taxa Outdoors 4 models Mantis Cricket Tiger Moth and Woolly Bear

Currently, there are 4 models in the Taxa lineup, offering a solid range of off-grid possibilities. All are made of durable, tested materials that will stand up to the elements, be easily maintained, and stand the test of time.

No disposable equipment here. Taxa uses powder-coated steel frames, laminate, composites, aluminum, and Baltic birch to finish the interiors. In their own words, building adventure equipment “where you have everything you need but not more.”

From biggest to smallest, the Habitats break down like this:

  • Mantis – sky’s the limit, sleeps 4 adults, inside wet bath and cassette toilet, full service
  • Cricket – fits 2 adults and 2 kids, integrated plumbing and electric, can handle any off-grid adventure
  • Tiger Moth – lightweight, rugged, cook outside, sleeps 2 + 2 more in the roof-top tent
  • Woolly Bear – basecamp with full-size kitchen, gear storage and platform for 2-3 person tent
Exterior image of Mantis camper in the desert of Utah
Sourced from Taxa Outdoors

Taxa Outdoors – Mantis

The biggest camper that Taxa offers is called the Mantis.

Praying? Maybe, but only on good times. This one takes adventure camping to a whole new level. Mantis is 19 feet long, rugged, lean and looks like it belongs on safari. Easy to tow at 3000 lb., and easy to stow – mantis fits in a standard 7′ garage.

Our Favorite Features

  • pop-up roof for headroom and large 8 foot patio awning for rain/sun protection
  • comfortably sleeps 4 and still has plenty of sitting room with the roof down
  • Baltic birch kitchen with sink, stove, fridge and hot water system (optional shower and toilet)
  • plenty of open windows for ventilation (with screens and shades)
  • ample, easily accessible storage – under bed, pull out milk crate drawers, efficient modular design
  • roof tracks and racks to store gear up top
  • solar input pre-wired with SAE input

General Specs for Mantis

Specifications for Mantis trailer including all dimensions

Mantis Floor Plan

Overhead floor plan of the Mantis travel vehicle



Mantis is a great option for family adventure. Rugged and durable with thoughtful design. Taxa definitely has function in mind, but we don’t think you will compromise comfort in any way.

MSRP is $44,333 + optional refrigerator $1498 + optional shower and toilet $2485 + spare tire +$581 = Total Price $48,316

Exterior view of the Taxa Outdoors Cricket travel trailer doors open

Taxa Outdoors – Cricket

Cricket is the first Habitat Taxa ever produced. It is similar to the Mantis but has a smaller footprint. Cricket is 15 feet long and weighs just 1590-2500 lb., it is also easy to tow and easy to stow.

You will notice the NASA design influence in the shape of the cricket. It’s profile on the road makes you wonder…is it from outer space,? or just going there.

Best Features

  • small, lightweight sleeps 2 adults and 2 kids
  • pop-up roof for headroom and ventilation
  • 2-burner stove, sink, furnace, hot water heater, outdoor shower
  • optional portable toilet, refrigerator, and window AC
  • integrated LED lighting with reading light
  • solar input pre-wired with SAE input

General Specs for Cricket

Specifications for the cricket trailer

Cricket Floor Plan

overhead floor plan of the Taxa Cricket Trailer



Cricket may be our favorite of the Taxa Habitats. It’s tough and nimble. Everything a small family needs to adventure but nothing more. Many campers are looking for a small unit that still has a shower/bath combo – look no further, this is a great option.

MSRP $33,317 + optional portable toilet $248 + refrigerator $1358 +various other options $3240 = TOTAL PRICE ~$38,163

Exterior view of Taxa Outdoors Tiger Moth at campsite with door open

Taxa Outdoors – Tiger Moth

Even smaller, the Tiger Moth weighs between 1215-2000 lb. and measures 12 feet long. Featuring a pull out kitchen, this habitat sleeps 2 adults with an additional guest room up top for 2 more. The Tiger Moth is more affordable and will handle any off-grid excursion.

Unique Features

  • pull out kitchen – marine grade birch plywood – easy to use and saves space inside
  • full size bed/ couch + optional roof top tent for 2 guests campers
  • large 6 foot awning off the rear with mosquito netting
  • ample storage space – smartly designed and accessible inside + optional roof racks for outdoor gear storage
  • large side hatch makes loading/unloading easy, provides ventilation and porch protection
  • solar input pre-wired for SAE input

General Specs for the Tiger Moth

Specifications for Tiger Moth travel trailer including dimensions

Tiger Moth Floor Plan

overhead floor plan of the Tiger Moth travel trailer



The Tiger Moth is a great option under $20,000 (depending on options). With the added option of the roof top tent it can still accommodate 4 campers. We love the slide out kitchen and wide side door. Overall, very efficient great for shorter adventures but has some limitations, i.e. bath/shower.

MSRP $16,972 + all options including roof top tent $6,900 = TOTAL PRICE $23,872

Taxa outdoors Woolly Bear travel trailer exterior shot in the woods

Taxa Outdoors – Woolly Bear

We are in love with the Woolly Bear. Pound for pound this is one smart piece of adventure equipment. Small in stature, the Woolly Bear is just 10 feet 7 inches long and weighs in from 990-1700 lb. But it’s all muscle. This is much more than a gear hauler – it will function as the base camp for your favorite adventures.

Remarkable Features

  • lightweight and easily towable by 4-cylinder vehicles
  • mighty construction built for off-rode trekking
  • full size outdoor kitchen with a pull out drawer large enough for coolers
  • elevated platform holds most 2-3 person tents
  • sturdy cargo deck strong enough to hold bikes, boards, and kayaks
  • optional Jerry can, mosquito netting and roof top tent

General Specs for the Woolly Bear

Specifications for woolly bear trailer including dimensions

Woolly Bear Diagram

Diagram of woolly bear travel trailer with features



As we said Woolly Bear is a beast. Super sturdy construction and lightweight, this adventure basecamp can go anywhere you can drive. So what are you waiting for?

MSRP Starting at $7,000

Additional options include roof top tent, risers, 2-burner stove, and 6 foot awning TOTAL BUILD$ = Up to You

Coming Soon

Everett Potter recently interviewed Garrett Finney (founder and CEO of Taxa Outdoors) and asked if he had any plans for a truck-bed camper or a van style camper. We are happy to report the answer, “Yes! I am designing a truck camper right now. A van is in the near future!”

We can’t wait to see how Taxa will expand their line of adventure habitats.

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Taxa Outdoors Camping Trailers Overall


  • NASA inspired designs for adventure seekers
  • sturdy but lightweight construction, easy to tow and stow
  • wide range of options cover any off-grid adventure
  • details like Jerry cans, reading lights, and roof top tents 
  • storage and ability to carry outdoor gear 
  • support – Taxa and its dealers care


  • can take two to set up the bigger awnings
  • smoke alarms go off too frequently (easily fixed)
  • cost – Taxa units are not cheap, but you get what you pay for


Where are Taxa Outdoors products made?

Taxa Outdoors is located in Houston Texas. They employ neighbors from their local community and manufacture all of their adventure equipment in Houston.

How much do Taxa camper trailers weigh and what is needed to tow one?

Taxa Outdoors equipment is sturdy but designed to be lightweight. The lightest model is the Woolly Bear trailer which has a dry weight of 990 lb. and can be towed by any 4-cylinder car. The next smallest model is the Tiger Moth which has a dry weight around 2000 lb. The larger models the Cricket and Mantis range in weight up to 3000 lb. but are still easily towable by most SUVs.

How much does a Taxa adventure camper cost?

Taxa Outdoors designs and builds outdoor adventure equipment. Their smallest trailer is the Woolly Bear which starts at $7,000.
Additional gear is available including a roof top tent so $7,000 is just a base price. The MSRP base price or the Tiger Moth is $6,972. MSRP for the next model, Cricket is $33,317. And the largest Taxa camper, Mantis has a base price starting at $44,333.

Where can I buy a Taxa Outdoors camper?

Taxa Outdoors manufactures in Houston and has dealers across the country. You can head over to Taxa Outdoors to start the order process or find a dealer near you. A $2,000 down payment will secure a spot in the production line. Taxa also has ambassadors (owners) that can demonstrate equipment in person.

Does Taxa Outdoors sell internationally?

Yes, Taxa has delivered units as far away as Canada, Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand. Typically the customer pays freight and the units travel by ship.

The End

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