Vehicle with 2 bikes on roof and two on back

Best Bike Rack For RVs

Looking for a bike rack? Let’s cut to the quick.

The Situation:

  • You own an RV / camper / travel trailer / caravan
  • You own at least one bike

The Goal:

  • You want to take your bikes with you when you go RVing
  • Not sacrifice space inside your RV
  • Minimize the hassle
  • Keep your bikes safe and secure

We have two recommendations: the best 2 person bike rack and the best 4 person RV bike rack.

I also included my personal favorite, a 2 bike carrier from Swagman called the Chinook, a more secure but pricier version of the Traveler XC2.

Best 2 Bike Rack (Hitch Or Bumper)

Swagman Traveler XC2 – RV Approved

RV Approved Swagman Traveler XC2


  • Carries 1-2 bikes
  • Folds down when not in use
  • Easy  hitch or bumper mounting
  • Once installed, easy load/unload


  • Initial setup takes awhile
  • Can get loose

This model is extremely adjustable, a large factor as to why we chose it the best, all 4 wheel holds and 2 vertical hooks sliding to fit your bikes.

When not in use the vertical bar folds down, out of the way.

Helpful hint: Make sure the vertical hook securely presses the frame of the bike into the wheel sockets.

This is an extremely popular bike rack, and we know you’ll understand why.

Technical Details


  • 2″ Class C Hitch
  • 2″ Bumper
  • 4.5″ Bumper

Bike Sizes

  • Wheel Size: 20″ to 29″ Inches
  • Weight: 35 lbs per bike (70 pounds total)
  • Carrier Weight: 41 pounds
XC2 Swagman bike rack


It does take about 1/2 hour maximum to assemble, but that seems reasonable—you are securing a heavy-duty bike rack.

It’ll go faster with this helpful tutorial video!


2nd Place 2 Bike Rack

Swagman also makes the Chinook, a 2 bike rack with wheel straps that make it more secure. However, it is more expensive and requires a bumper adapter.

You can jump down to read more about it.

Best Rack for 4 Bikes

Allen Deluxe+ Locking Hitch Bike Rack

Allen RV 4 Bike Rack


  • Carries 1-4 bikes
  • Fits any bike size 
  • Easy setup & load/unloading bikes
  • Collapsible & folds for trunk access


  • 4 large bikes struggle to all fit
  • Requires bumper adapter

Folding Collapsible Allen Bar

The four pairs of straps that hold the bike are unique and patented by Allen Sports. They are designed to grab only the frame, which means it can hold any size bike.

Technical Details


  • 2″ Receiver Hitch Class III or Class IV

Bike Sizes

  • Wheel Size: Any Size
  • Weight: 35 pounds/bike (140 pounds total)
1 Bike on Allen Rack


The assembly is straightforward—it comes as one piece. Just mount and connect it to the hitch at the back of your vehicle.

Bumper Adapter

If you are using your hitch to tow a fifth wheel, travel trailer, camper, etc., you must connect the rack directly to your bumper.

The Allen 4-Bike rack does not connect to bumpers by itself. But this adapter will solve the problem.

Hitch to bumper adapter

#3 | 2 Bike Rack (Connects to Hitch)

This model is here because it is more secure than #1. However, it is more expensive and requires a bumper adapter.

Swagman 2 Bike Chinook Rack

Chinook 2 Bike Rack with wheel ties


  • Carries 1-2 bikes
  • Tilts out to access trunk (even with bikes)
  • Easy hitch mounting
  • Wheel straps
  • Once installed, easy load/unload


Swagman 2 Bike Chinook Rack tilted to access open trunk
Warning for carbon bikes

This model is worth the money. It is similar to the Traveler XC2; the main difference is the wheel tie system. It protects and secures the bike on rough terrain.

Bumper Adapter

If you are using your two hitch to tow a fifth wheel, travel trailer, camper, or something along those lines, you will have to use your bumper instead—so you will need an adapter.

The Chinook does not connect to bumpers y itself. The bumper adapter above solves this problem.

Technical Details


  • 1.25″ Hitch or
  • 2″ Class C Hitch

Bike Sizes

  • Wheel Size: 12″ to 29″ (Inches)
  • Weight: 45 pounds per bike (70 pounds total)


There are some complaints about the assembly process. I don’t think it’s a problem—you are securing a heavy-duty bike rack—but it does take a few minutes.

The End

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