Vistabule Teardrop Trailer Review – A Classic Retro Camper Design

Vistabule Teardrop Trailer at sunset
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History of Vistabule Teardrop Trailers

Bert Taylor is a serial entrepreneur. He is also passionate about vintage campers from the 1940’s – 1960’s.

When a friend suggested he look at “teardrop trailers”, that was it.

Bert decided to combine his furniture, design background with his love for camping on the road and opened a shop making custom teardrop trailers.

Bert Taylor sitting inside of a Vistabule teardrop trailer
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Like so many others, the journey started in his garage. This is common theme for artisan built trailers.

Makers and builders with a sense of adventure use their skills to design the camper of their dreams. Here are some other good examples: Escapod, Timberleaf, Vintage Overland, Oregon Trail’R, Polydrops, and Off-Grid Trailers.

Each of the above makers has a unique take on the teardrop and Vistabule is no different.

Located in St. Paul Minnesota, Vistabule enlists local talent and materials to turn out hand-crafted, heirloom quality luxury trailers. They are custom built to order and while shipping is available, quite often the customers opt to pick them up in person.

The build and pick-up experience turns raving fans and customers into family. Many owners name their custom builds and send back pictures and stories from the road.

We’re excited to show you this one, so let’s get to the review!

Vistabule Teardrop Trailer Review

Unique Features

We noticed some features that are unique to Vistabule so we want to point them out right away.

  • AmerIconic” reverse teardrop shape
  • Sleeping cabin becomes a sitting area
  • Room with a view
  • Pass through from cabin to galley
  • Easy access and open feel
  • Lightweight and easy to tow

Before we get to the specs, these unique features deserve a closer look.


To say the Vistabule is a reverse teardrop may not be completely accurate. Compared to traditional teardrops it is reversed, but they managed to design a new shape with a front facing profile. The idea was to bring the views inside and they clearly succeeded.

Given Taylor’s design background, it’s easy to see that the design and these “parts” are not off the shelf.

Many of the components have been fabricated in-house, allowing for some key features you won’t see in other teardrop campers.

Vistabule logo in grey
Vistabule Teardrop Trailer with galley door open

Sitting Area

The goal was to have the cabin space usable all day long, not just for sleeping.

So the bed easily slides back and turns into a couch. A table mounts in the center and door tables fold down. Base camp becomes living room.

The front facing profile allows for extra headroom where you need it. Clever design.


Once again it starts with the shape, which allows for a large front facing window. Taylor likes to call it “a room with a view“. We’ve seen stargazing windows before, but only Safari Condo has a front facing window this large.

(In addition, there are two door windows + two portholes. Enjoy the wide open vistas.)

Thoughtful detail-> All windows have shades and bug screens.

Vistabule teardrop camper front facing window with view of mountains

Pass Through

Another feature that makes Vistabule feel roomy and wide open is the pass through space between cabin and galley.

Easily pass beverages and snacks from kitchen to living space and keep the conversation going.

Access and Open Feel

Some campers are cocoons, and not in a bad way. They provide safe haven on the road and a cozy space to curl up in.

But the team at Vistabule was on a mission to create a camper that would never be claustrophobic.

Two extra wide doors provide easy access.

And once you are in, two door windows, two porthole windows + front and back windows make this one of the most open teardrops on the market.

Vistabule camper with open doors and large window views

Easy to Tow

With a dry weight of 1220 lb. and only 1500 lb. when fully loaded, the trailer can be towed by almost any car. The lightweight and aerodynamic profile sits in the slipstream behind your vehicle for a smooth ride.

The trailer system is carefully balanced, to eliminate sway and fishtailing. Rounding out the package are 14 inch tires that hug the road with a torsion axle suspension. Smooth set up.

Option: Aluminum trailer frame which lowers the overall weight by 100 lb.


  • body length: 10 feet
  • total length: 14 feet
  • body width: 5 feet
  • width – 6 feet 10 inches (includes fenders)
  • height – 67 inches 9 (from ground to the top of fan cover)
  • interior cabin height – 43 inches
  • main bed size – 58.5 × 78 inches (queen)
  • dry weight ~1200 lb. (empty)
  • fully loaded weight ~1500 lbs. (gear, propane, and water)
  • tongue weight: 130 lbs
  • tongue weight with 11 lb. propane tank: 160 lbs
  • road clearance – 8 to 10 inches
  • galley counter height: 36 to 38 inches
  • wheels – 14 inches
  • water tank: 9 gallons
  • grey water storage tank: 9 gallons

Base Price $17,995

Base Package Includes

  • large front and back windows
  • pull down honeycomb shade
  • door windows (operable with screens)
  • flip up door side tables
  • porthole windows (operable with screens)
  • porthole privacy covers
  • pass through opening with sliding screen
  • headboard storage (shelves/sliding doors)
  • brushed anodized window trim
  • 110 volt city power plug-in
  • solar plug-in (Zamp connection)
  • 115 amp hour AGM battery
  • smart 7.2 amp 110 volt onboard battery charger
  • 14″ alloy wheels
  • chrome lug nuts & hub covers
  • heavy duty 2200 lb. torsion axle
  • collapsible sofa table
  • under bed storage compartments (pair)
  • 2 dome lights & 2 reading lights
  • 10 speed 2 way Maxx Fan with remote
  • 2 exterior porch lights (above doors)
  • galley counter with sliding doors below
  • galley-top cabinets (spices/bottles/silver/cups/dishes)
  • galley dome light (two brightness settings)
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Upgrades and Options

One great thing about made to order teardrops is that you can customize to your needs. As always there are plenty of ways to personalize your camper.

Here is a partial list of options with prices:

Galley Options

  • 2-burner glass covered cook top $395
  • 11 lb. propane tank with regulator and hose system $295
  • fresh water tank, pump & filter with sink, faucet & sprayer $695
  • gray water tank (9 gal.) $275
  • refrigerator – 12/24VDC, 115/230VAC (right side of galley) $995
  • 3 drawer cabinet (underneath stove) $345
  • 3 drawer cabinet with breadboard $395
  • pullout cooler cabinet (underneath stove) $295
  • portable freezer/refrigerator – installed (12/24V DC, 120V AC) $735
  • hatch bat wings & door window shades (specify color) $32
  • galley light (focal light for night cooking) $75
  • premium counter laminate choice $295

Cabin Options

  • stargazer package (cabin front reading light, dual USB outlet, device shelf) $295
  • mood lighting (selectable color LED lights in headboard openings) $125
  • overhead sofa table light (directional) $115
  • front storage compartments with lift off lids (pair) $375

Climate Control System

  • 5000 BTU air conditioner (120V – must be plugged into city power) $565
  • furnace (Requires propane system) $1295

Exterior Trailer Options

  • premium exterior color (8 colors to choose from) $395
  • aluminum frame (lightweight) $595
  • electric brakes $345
  • off road axle upgrade (2″ more road clearance) $95
  • 3M invisible rock guard (on trailer nose and fenders) $375
  • lithium ion battery (100 Ah LiFePO4 + smart monitor & charger) $895
  • Zamp portable solar panel (90 Watt) $445
  • rooftop mounted solar system (130 Watt) $875
  • mini spare tire $125
  • rooftop rack (Yakima towers & round bar) $495
  • waterproof tongue box for exterior storage $195
  • tongue mounted 2-bike rack $365
  • teardrop cover $125


Vistabule Trailer Walk Through

Here’s an in depth look at features with Vistabule founder Bert Taylor

Build Process

The process is easy.

1. Buyers make design decisions.

2. Start your custom order by filling out a price sheet with optional upgrades.

3. After submitting your price sheet, make initial deposit (33%) and the order is added to the queue.

You can find a pricing sheet here:

4. Final paper work is sent.

5. Upon completion, you can have the trailer shipped (estimate available) or pick it up at the showroom in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Test Drive: Potential customers have been known to spend the night in a trailer inside the showroom. How cool is that?


  • Large front facing window
  • Pass through from cabin to galley
  • Bed converts to couch
  • Lightweight (any car rated for 1500 lbs.)
  • Custom made to order
  • Unique retro front facing profile
  • Heirloom furniture quality
  • Low maintenance aluminum exterior


  • No shower
  • Limited off road ability
  • Do not accept credit cards (checks are fine)
  • Check the queue for build and delivery time


Where is Visatbule Trailer located?

Vistabule Trailers is located in the “Midway” district, halfway between Minneapolis and St. Paul , Minnesota. The address is 755 North Prior Ave., Suite 111, St. Paul, Minnesota 55104.

Are Vistabule trailers custom made?

Yes, each Vistabule teardrop trailer is made to order and one-of-a-kind. After a buyer makes design choices, options, and upgrades, a deposit is made and the order is added to the queue.

How much does a Vistabule trailer weigh?

Vistabule teardrop trailers weigh approximately 1200 lb. when they are empty. A fully loaded trailer with gear, propane, and water weighs up to 1500 lb. and can be towed by most cars.

Can I rent a Vistabule trailer?

Currently, Vistabule does not have rental trailers available. And since these are limited production artisan-built trailers, there aren’t that many on the road. Production is approximately 50-100 per year. You can check Outdoorsy or RV Share to see if one is available for your next adventure.

The End

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