Hütte Hut – An Unpractical Teardrop Trailer that Inspires the Imagination

Hutte Hut caper being towed on a road

The Hütte Hut Camper Deserves a Look

When you see this teardrop you want to take a closer look. And that’s what we’ll do today… just for fun.

Spoiler: There is limited information about the Hütte Hut which only adds to the mystic and leaves us wanting more. You’ll see why.

In 2011, Katrina and Brian Manzo founded Sprouting Sprocket, llc.

Hütte Hut is the creative offspring of the design pair. They approached this teardrop design from a holistic, integrated point of view. The goal was to make a mobile space that was clutter-free and would foster a womblike sanctuary to help declutter the mind.

Let’s check out the results…the most expensive teardrop trailer on the planet.

Classic Teardrop Shape – Modern Design Values

Hutte Hut trailer with double french doors open

Barn Doors

What really caught our attention were the double doors.

We always like a teardrop with doors on both sides for easy access.

But here is something new. The barn doors open as French doors do, revealing a wide open, bright, airy, relaxed space to hang out.

Retractable Roof System

The next bit of design accomplishment is the roof. Made of water-repelling canvas, it showers the space with diffused sunlight even when fully closed.

But if the weather permits you can shed the skin completely. What remains are just the trusses, letting you truly experience the outdoors. The roof line gently slopes over in front and back, leaving room for windows in the shape of trapezoids, bringing in even more light.

On each side are long horizontal peak out windows, optimally placed to enjoy the views.

Materials and Craftsmanship

To pull off the stunning design, which shows very little hardware (screwless in fact), Hütte Hut is made with premium materials and proprietary techniques.

To start, the the chassis is an aircraft-grade aluminum frame designed with a trailing-arm independent suspension. This allows for more predictable towing. At only 900 lb., the Hütte is towable by almost every vehicle.

The main cabin structure is made out of marine-grade plywood sourced from Joubert Okoume. Grown on the west coast of Africa, the wood boasts a high strength and durability-to-weight ratio. Commonly used to build boats, and perfect in this application.

Inside is more of the same. Clean, simple, modern, bright finishes including baltic birch and western cedar.

Specs and Dimensions

Overall Dimensions

Inside Dimensions


  • Length 168″
  • Width 80″
  • Height 72″
  • Tongue Length 42″
  • Wheel size 14″
  • Floor width 66″
  • Floor length 92″
  • Peak ceiling height 51″
  • Ground to deck 18″
  • Surface area 44 sq. feet
  • Dry weight 900 lb.
  • GVWR 3500 lb. max
  • Tongue weight 75 lb.

Standard Features

  • Convertible cushion
  • Exterior 10 AC shore power inlet


And that is all we currently know about the Hütte Hut trailer. Oh yeah, except the price.

You can start your made to order design for $63,900 USD. Yep, it’s fun to look at, and our guess is, it’s fun to camp in too.

Optional Upgrades

In case you are wondering how to personalize your trailer, you can choose from a few add-ons. These include, cooking package, a fridge/freezer, an LED lighting setup, and dual 40-quart aluminum water tanks. In total, these can add another $10,000.



  • Modern design and execution
  • Convertible Roof
  • Double French doors
  • Bright open space (canvas roof)
  • Premium materials
  • Eye candy


  • Price – Starting at $63,900
  • Small boutique production line
  • Not for off road or extreme conditions


Where can I buy a Hütte Hut trailer?

Hütte Hut trailer is a division of Sprouting Sprocket, LLC and is located in Carpinteria, Ca.

How much does a teardrop trailer cost?

Teardrop trailers are small campers that can be towed by most vehicles. They are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, ranging from highway use to fully off-road survival vehicles. The most expensive teardrop trailer we have seen offered is the Hütte Hut camper which starts at $63,900.

How may people can fit in a Hütte Hut trailer.

Hütte Hut trailers offer a wide open space relative to most teardrop campers. The surface area is 44 sq. feet and is comfortable for 2, but could accomodate 3 campers.

If you like the Hütte Hut but want to look at more affordable options, you might like Vintage Overland, Timberleaf, Vistabule, Escapod, and Polydrops.

The End

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