Safari Condo Teardrop Travel Trailers – Alto Series in Review

Elkhart Indiana is known for being the RV capital of the world. And for good reason, the area produces the overwhelming majority of RVs. But up north in Quebec, Canada, a small but growing RV manufacturer is turning heads.

Founded in 1998 by Daniel Nadeau – Safari Condo now has 4 plants in Canada. (Go here to see how Safari Condo got its start.)

Specializing in custom motorhomes including the popular Mercedes Sprinter model, in 2007 Safari introduced a new line of caravans and recently delivered their 1,000th trailer.

Cause for celebration – all models are available and shipped to the USA directly from the factory.

Let’s take a look under the hood so to speak to see what the Alto Series has to offer.

Alto R-Series Travel Trailer being towed behind a Jeep

Alto Series Travel Trailer Caravans

The Alto Series has comes in three distinct flavors. Firstly, the R Series which features a one-of-a-kind retractable roof. As you will see, it is very unique and makes quite a statement. Secondly, the F Series. Yep, you guessed it, has a fixed roof. And finally, the latest and newest creation is the A Series. Just recently completed, the A2124 features a fresh aerodynamic profile. What all of the Alto caravans have in common is that they take their inspiration from the aircraft industry.

Lightweight, Aerodynamic, and Durable

Safari Condo makes good use of materials and construction. The aluminum frame is lightweight, weld-free, and the walls and roof are a combination of plastic honeycomb core sandwiched between aluminum and Alufiber. This makes for an ultra light weight aluminum trailer with the added strength and characteristics of fiberglass. Rounding out the materials list inside are formica, composite, and glass. (All chosen because they stand up to water.)

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What does it all mean?

Glad you asked. There are many benefits to this thoughtful teardrop design. Here are a few:

  • ultra-light
  • low drag coefficient (75% lower than traditional trailers)
  • low center of gravity for stability
  • can be towed by smaller vehicles
  • less gas consumption
  • going green – most materials are recyclable
  • great looking design

So let’s get to it…


Alto R Series retractable roof exterior image with 5 featured benefits

General Specs for the R 1713-1723 Models

  • Weight 1825 – 1867 lb
  • Length 17’3″
  • Width 6’11”
  • Height: Roof Closed 83.5″ Roof Open 101″
  • Freshwater Tank 16 gal. Grey Water Tank 16 gal. Black Water Tank 12 gal.
  • Sleeps 3-4
  • Starting Price $28,993 – $29,743 US

Coolest Feature

What else? The Unique Retractable Roof

Now, here is the show stopper. Magically, the seamless one-piece, curved aluminum roof lifts off with the push of a button. Effortlessly, at least to the user, it is electronically raised and lowered by two linear actuators. How cool is that? Just watch for yourself.

With the roof down the exterior height is only 83.5 inches, allowing the Alto to fit comfortably in your garage. But when the roof extends open you get 82 inches of clearance inside for a comfortable living space.

What’s Inside? Interior Features

The inside configuration varies slightly between the R 1713 and R 1723 Models but here is an example of what is possible:

  • huge crescent shaped windows provide great views and open as well
  • private shower/toilet cabinet (black water tank)
  • plenty of storage
  • compact propane/electric combo water heater furnace system
  • sleeps 3-4 with one 72″ x 76″ king bed or two 27″ x 76″ beds and one 36″ x 81″ single bed
  • two distinct dining areas, one two seater and a five seat dinette
  • fridge, stove, sink, and micro
Inside schematic view of Alto floorplan

Th Alto R Series is clearly unique and offers a ton of great benefits! Now let’s check out it’s cousin.


Exterior Image of Alto F Series Trailer showing dimensions and 5 features

General Specs for the F 1743

  • Weight 1753 lb
  • Length 17’8″
  • Width 7’2″
  • Height 7’9″
  • Freshwater Tank 16 gal. Grey Water Tank 16 gal. Black water Tank 12 gal.
  • Sleeps 3-4
  • Starting Price $27,339 US

By name alone you know what’s different. The fixed roof is still one seamless piece that affords the same aerodynamic benefits. But the F 17 Series roof stays in place and makes the overall trailer slightly taller. Coming in with an exterior height of 7’9″ you can still pull into a garage with an 8′ door.

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Best Feature

One feature that stands out in F Series is the huge front window. Imported from Europe and made from double glazed acrylic – it is not only lightweight but provides superior insulation. Standard equipment includes a built-in combination blind/screen system. Therefore, not only is it functional but is so large you almost forget you are inside.

Close up view looking out the picture window of the Alto F Series Trailer

What’s Inside? Interior Features

  • huge open windows that provide panoramic views and open for fresh air
  • private shower/toilet cabinet (black water tank)
  • ample storage
  • compact propane/electric combo water heater furnace system
  • sleeps 3-4 with one 81″ x 60″ Queen size bed and one 81″ x 36″ single bed
  • large wardrobe
  • two distinct dining areas, one 2-seater and a 5- seat dinette area
  • dining space while main bed is set up
  • fridge, stove, sink, micro
Alto F 1743 Floorplan schematic

The Alto F1743 is another great option that can be pulled by most compact cars and small SUVs and the most affordable teardrop trailer from Safari Condo with a base price of $27,339 US


Safari Condo F 21 Series Exterior Image with dimensions and 5 features

General Specs for the F2114

  • Weight 2356 lb
  • Length 21′
  • Width 7’2″
  • Height 8’9″
  • Freshwater Tank 26 gal. Grey Water Tank 24 gal. Black Water Tank 14 gal.
  • Sleeps 4
  • Starting Price $32,076 US

Overall the F2114 is very similar to its little brother, the F 1743 but does offer more space. Naturally, this comes with a heavier payload, bigger size, and higher base price.

What’s Inside? Interior Features

  • large windows that provide panoramic views and open to let the outdoors in
  • fully enclosed private shower/toilet combo cabinet
  • ample storage and large wardrobe
  • compact propane/electric combo water heater furnace system
  • two single beds convert into a 80″ X 81″ King size bed, which can be permanently set up
  • four-seater front dining area converts to 60″ X 81″ Queen bed
  • front dining area available even while main bed is set-up
  • possibility of 2 distinct four-seater dining areas, one of them outside
  • fridge, stove, sink, and micro
Alto F2114 floorplanrplan schematic

Coming Soon ALTO A2124 – AERODYNAMIC

With a press release dated Aug 8, 2019 Safari Condo gives us a glimpse of the newest addition to the Alto Series. Completed in June of 2019 the new A2124 will be heralded for its surprising design. The new model will be heavier, weighing in at 2556 lb. but with increased aerodynamics.

After conducting extensive tests in a virtual wind tunnel, the new design claims to be the most aerodynamic travel trailer on the market. The Safari team reduced drag by 47% from the other Alto models (already low), which in turn, cut the energy consumption for towing by 13%.

The team had green vehicles in mind with a goal to lower energy consumption and tested the A2124 behind the Tesla Model X. Looks like it will be a winner and we can’t wait to see more!

Final specs aren’t out yet, but the A2124 was designed to sleep 4 people is equipped with the same rear king bed, refrigerator, water reservoir and propane supply as the F2114. Added bonus: the A2124 is equipped with a swivel table (no floor mount needed) in the front dining area.

A2124 Starting Price is $35,835 US

Full details will be available soon on Safari Condo’s website but here is a sneak peak at the new look.


  • Lightweight, durable construction (recyclable materials)
  • Stability – easily towed by most compact cars and small SUVs
  • Large windows with big spectacular views
  • Sleek design looks great and stands apart
  • Tons of accessible storage
  • Aerodynamic design (low gas consumption)
  • All the creature comforts of home inside
  • Retractable roof on the R Series provides 7′ of head room
  • Built to last and easy to maintain


  • Insulation could be better (compromise for lightweight design)
  • Water tank capacity smaller than some
  • Transport fee from Canada upon direct purchase

Where to Buy or Rent a Safari Condo Caravan

Safari Condo is located in Quebec, Canada with 8 dealerships across Canada. You can contact the sales team directly:

1378, chemin Filteau
(Autoroute 20 sortie 305)
Saint-Nicolas, Québec, Canada, 
G7A 2N4

Phone: 418 836-6664
Toll free: 1 866-836-6664
Fax: 418 836-5553

Go here to see where you can rent a Safari Condo. Currently, the Alto is available for rent in Durango, CO as well as other locations – maybe one near you.

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See How Safari Condo Got its Start


Where are Safari Condo trailers made?

Safari Condo is a Canadian RV manufacturer founded in 1998 by Daniel Nadeau and located in Quebec, Canada. Their products are made in 4 different plants located in Canada.

Can you buy a Safari Condo in the United States?

Yes, all Safari Condo models can be purchased directly from the manufacturer and delivered in the USA (transfer fees may apply.)

What is a Teardrop trailer?

Teardrop trailers or teardrop campers are lightweight trailers towed behind another vehicle. The name comes from the teardrop shaped profile. They originated in the 1930s and were typically small, with sleeping room for 2 adults. But with recent popularity and innovations, more elaborate models are available every day.

How much does an Alto trailer cost?

The Alto series includes the R Series (retractable roof), F Series (fixed roof), and now the A Series (aerodynamic).
Prices start at $27,339 US (+transport fees if necessary). In addition, the new A2124 has a starting price of $35,835 US.

How much do Alto camper trailers weigh and what is needed to tow one?

The Alto series trailers are designed to be lightweight and towable by most compact cars and small SUVs. The lightest of the Safari Condo caravans is the F1743 weighing 1753 lb. The R1713-1723 models have a weight range of 1825-1867 lb. And while the brand new A2124 is the heaviest, at 2743 lb., it is aerodynamically designed to lower drag and reduce energy consumption.

The End

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