Best Personalized Tire Covers – What You Need To Know

Looking for a custom spare tire cover with your very own personalized design?

Here is what you need to know!

Wheel covers can be a great way to promote a business, and also, the perfect space to express yourself. Who wants to stare at a plain old blank slate while stuck in traffic?

Why not… show off whatever makes you proud:

  • family
  • city, state, or country flag
  • favorite sports team
  • school spirit
  • religious affiliation
  • military service and support
  • first responders, nurses, law enforcement

Or maybe you just want to bring a smile to those in your rear view mirror. Use your imagination!


Individual Sellers

There are many sellers out there on Amazon, Etsy, etc., offering custom spare wheel design and printing services.

Many of them are one-off individuals, lacking the best equipment and experience. We don’t recommend using them because they handle small volume, making them untested and unreliable.

The Experts

There are also companies who specialize in this service. Two stand out: Skyline Signs and Both handle volume, have expertise, and turn out great custom covers.

Between the two, Skyline Signs, (, is our top choice.

Keep reading to discover why…

Note: Both recommendations have similar domain names which is confusing. Skyline Signs (our go to choice) can be found at – Our second choice is

Best Choice for Custom Wheel Covers

Skyline Signs stands far above the rest for many reasons. Among them is the quality of their products and the ease to use their online designer.

But what really makes them stand out is the hard shell printed surface. The hard surface allows for higher resolution printing, cleaner look, and a longer lasting wheel cover.

In addition, Skyline Signs does not have a one size fits all policy. Each wheel cover has an elastic shock-cord in the hem, which creates a tight fit. This means the cover has a longer lifetime (many, many years).


  • Hard cover – scratch resistant ABS plastic
  • UV inhibitor & lamination
  • Thick marine grade vinyl fabric around sides
  • Size matches tire (no universal fit)
  • Easy to use online designer with free proofs
  • Truly customizable (your design)


  • No extra-large cover sizes (34+ inches)
  • Can take over 2 weeks (start to delivery)

Custom Online Designer

The Skyline online designer is awesome. I’ve just been playing with it…

Demonstration of Skyline Signs online cover designer tool

What do you think? This took me exactly 4:43.71 minutes! (I timed myself.)

The software allows you to bend text—something I normally have to go to Photoshop for (shivers). This is one hundred times easier and more intuitive!

I added the dog, the flower, the tree in the background, three extra birds all from the software. It includes hundreds of built-in images for you to work with.

Overall: It is awesome. We are blown away by it.

How To Order

Before you order, peruse this list of previous designs for inspiration—or maybe you find exactly what you’re looking for!

Time needed: 10 minutes

Discover how easy it is to order a custom spare wheel cover from Skyline Signs (our favorite choice)!

  1. Enter Tire Size & Vehicle Information

    Start the process here. Select your tire size, make and model of your vehicle.
    To find the dimensions of your tire, go check!
    Tire Size Example

    If you don’t have access to the tire (this is an awesome gift!) leave the field blank. Skyline Signs will reach out after you place the order.

  2. Design!

    Their cover design editor is second only to Photoshop but hundreds of times easier to use (for anyone). Try it out and see what you can create.
    Demonstration of Skyline Signs online cover designer tool
    Beyond the editor, Skyline is happy to take special requests or discuss designs by phone or email. Just reach out!

    Send us your creations at for a chance to be featured!

  3. Click Save!

    Create an account to save your designs. Draft a few different designs, have your family vote on the best.

    Or…begin a family cover building challenge!

  4. Purchase Your Favorite Design

    It’s easy to buy more than one!

  5. Confirm Final Design Via Email

    This is ESSENTIAL for your order to be processed. You must confirm the final design. The resolution and quality will match the final design.

    Expect your new cover to arrive in the mail about two weeks after confirming the design. It takes up to 8 days to produce, then about 3-5 to ship.

How To Install A Spare Tire Cover

The End

Thanks for reading! We hope you find this helpful. If you have suggestions, content ideas, feedback or want to contribute send us a quick email at